Hi, I'm Nathan.

I'm a UX writer, copywriter, and content specialist with  experience working in organizations based in the United States and around the world. I've honed my skills in a variety of industries, from CPGs and SaaS, to agency work and nonprofits. If you're looking for a collaborator that can develop content that's aligned with your brand and tone of voice, let's get in touch.

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I've written a few things throughout my career as a copy and content writer. Here's a small sample of what you can find from around the web.

3 Simple WordPress Themes to Build Your Mom’s Website

Uh oh, you’ve just been asked (told) by your mom to lend her a hand in building her new website. Whether you were asked because you opened Task Manager to unfreeze the family computer years ago or because you work in tech now doesn’t matter. You have a new job at hand now.

Luckily, you’re not the only one in this position. Even better, there are some tools, and great themes, that will give your mom something to brag about and let you rise in the sibling rankings. In this article, we’ll take a l

Design and Code Your First Website in 9 Easy-to-Understand Steps

Learning how to begin coding a website can be a tough task. If you're not familiar with coding languages, it's even harder. But learning how to code a website is easy with the right guide.

In this tutorial, we'll go over simple website design for beginners with an HTML web page template. They're the easiest way to code a website. It's a process that will save you time in the long run, while letting you create a professionally designed website for your visitors!

We'll be using a template from E

How to Win at Content Marketing to Generation Z

Marketers everywhere have spent years developing strategies and content to capture the attention of Millennials, whose ideals, desires, and buying habits have become familiar. Such in-depth knowledge is a win for the marketing community.

But a new challenge is on the horizon; actually, it's already here, in our proverbial house, raiding the fridge.

I am of course referencing Generation Z. Its members are part of the youngest generation on the planet, with the oldest of them barely scraping pas

Why Inclusion is Necessary to Innovate

Why Inclusion is Necessary to Innovate

Every organization looks to innovate to maintain relevance, but not every organization can do so. But why? While there is no concrete formula for innovation, many organizations lack one link: inclusion.

Look around your workplace. Yes, now. Would you say your organization is inclusive? This question can spark controversy. While some see inclusion as non-negotiable for a workplace, others still view the concept as being too politically correct. However, th

Why Speed Should Be Your Business Priority

For the past 16 years, our agency has seen quite a few changes and evolutions brought on by the industry. There has been a lot of navigating through the choppy waters that comes with agency work including corporate restructuring, mergers and the natural movement of personnel. The only way we have been able to maintain a steady course through all of this has been due to one factor: Speed.

Not just speed for the sake of speed, but speed as a crucial priority. Adopting this mindset has been worthw

Balance Professional Growth And Mental Health

Striking out on our own was never going to be easy. By starting, owning and growing a new enterprise, we accepted the sleepless nights, gluing our eyes to computer screens, languishing for days at a time behind a desk. It’s rough, yet it’s our life, and we love it.

But should we? A growing societal conversation in the United States has been revolving around mental health and it is beyond time that we examine how it plays a role in our entrepreneurial and small business communities.

Anecdotal e

Six Trends to Follow to Keep Your Brand Relevant

Six Trends to Follow to Keep Your Brand Relevant

You love your brand. Weeks, months and years of researching your audience and working with your marketing team has brought it to a point that makes you proud. You’ve optimized based on SEO keywords, you’re learning your audience day by day and you’re seeing solid engagement through digital marketing. The work done in the past has borne fruit in the present. But is your brand ready to take on the future of engagement? Taking advantage of the lates

I Do Videos Too.

You can't have engaging video content without a sold written framework. From ideation and scripting to voice overs and filming, we can work together to get you seen online. Have a look at a few of the videos I've worked on so far.